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Natural Pure Benzoin Set



Origin: Malaysia What's included:

  • Approx 160-170g of Benzoin
  • 100 tablet of quick lighting charcoal
How to smudge with Benzoin?
  • Light up the charcoal using a wind-proof lighter / blow torch. You can place it on a heat proof bowl or use a tong to hold the charcoal to light it up.
  • Once the charcoal begins to heat it will start to spark and light across its surface.
     *Hold it far away from your face *
  • Wait until the coal is done sparking. It is not ready for use until it is completely done sparking. (You don't want to breath in the sparks.)
  • Place the Benzoin in the centre, it should start to burn.
  You can use the Benzoin to
  • Offering / worshipping Gods (Eg: Da Tok Gong, Earth God, Indian God, Thai God)
  • Cleanse and purify the area / house
  • Ward off evil spirits and bringing peace of mind.
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Can help to enhance Crystal energy
  • Improve Fortune and Prosperity
  • It can improve the surrounding magnetic field
  • It can chase away mosquitoes
  • Cleanse your crystals: Move the bowl around the crystals and let the smoke smudge around the crystals. You will notice once the crystal is cleansed, the smoke will be around the crystal instead of repelling the smoke.
  • Cleanse your area / room: Walk around the space while fanning the smoke around the room.(Not forgetting the corners / walkway) Open the door / window for awhile to let the negative energy to get out. - You can also say a Mantra during this process
  ** Always set an good intention that you want to clear the unwanted energy and you want positive energy in the space / crystal.**


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