Reiki Healing

We all have the capability for self-healing, and Reiki unlocks it within you. From stress management to relaxation, along with giving you a much-needed energy boost, we seek to heal all who come to us. If you are undergoing any therapies, Reiki can be a beneficial complementary treatment for the improvement of your overall physical and emotional well-being. Any imbalances within your being will also be restored, and you will leave us feeling rejuvenated and better than before!


The healing session would be for a total duration of 1 hour. The session will be in 2 parts. The first 30 minutes of the session would be used to do an aura reading to check which chakras require a focus during the healing session. You can also highlight any issues that you have that caused you to be feeling a certain way. Do share with us as much as possible to allow us to get to the root of the issue. The healing process might vary according to the situation.

Reiki Healing Packages

Whether this is you are an experienced practitioner, or a beginner taking your first step into Reiki, we have a wide range of packages to suit your needs!

1 Sessions


  • 60-90 mins session
  • Aura reading to identify blocked chakras
  • Aligning and balancing of chakras
12 Sessions


  • Personal growth and change
  • Inclusive of complimentary crystals
  • Valid for 2 years
6 Sessions


  • Maintenance and energetic boost
  • Inclusive of complimentary crystals
  • Valid for 2 years

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